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Our Life-Saving Suite Of Products

Your Personal SAFETY Course

Ages 8 and above. A Personal Safety course that is intuitive, family-friendly, online, and can be self-taught or learned as a family unit.

This life-saving course addresses personal safety best practices and teaches you the skills you need to make you and your loved ones safer when at home, school, or play. No one should be paranoid and scared of their own shadow, but everyone who takes this course can and will be more confident and more aware. 

For the cost of a quick lunch you and your loved ones will be SAFER and more secure.

Personal & Business SAFETY

For all businesses, schools, community organizations, hotels & casinos, events, and any large gatherings.

The facts are that there were more than 400,000 aggravated assaults, 51,000 rapes and sexual assaults, 84,000 robberies, and 450 deaths due to workplace violence in recent years. Not only are these statistics tragic, but they’re also a risk management nightmare for those impacted by a violent event in the workplace.

To learn more, receive an e-Book on the financial impact of workplace violence and a quote please click below.

Life SAFETY For Our Kids

For our young sponges. An animated course that kids can take themselves or follow along with their parents, or teachers.

Our fun, intuitive, and easy-to-understand course is education that will stay with them for life. The course includes tests for the students and covers a wide range of real-life scenarios. Whether at school or play our animated course is designed to provide our youngest personal safety education that they can retain and put into practice.

Coming Soon. We estimate that our animated course for kids will be completed by mid-May. Inquire for more information.

From Our Founder & CEO

Rick J. Collins

When I founded SAFE Inc. it was to provide personal safety best practices to our schools, primarily to address active shooters, school violence, drugs, cyber and photo-bullying. With COVID 19 and the shut-down of our school systems, I shifted my focus to one where we made Personal SAFETY education available for anyone willing and able to learn.

Fast forward to 2022 and we are proud to be able to provide, not only personal safety best practices education, but business safety best practices as well. Our business safety course grabs the most relevant aspects of our personal safety course and combines them with focused business safety best practices. Simply put, preventing threats not mitigating them.

Our underlying philosophy is when EVERYONE is using the same SAFETY playbook, everyone is SAFER and more SECURE. I often say that if one life is saved from our courses the effort is worth it. However, together we can and will save many more!

Thanks for your time, and please Be Aware, Stay Aware and Be SAFE.

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