By taking a world class, personal safety course in the comfort of your own home.

This intuitive and civilian friendly course will help you understand how to view your surroundings (situational awareness), how to watch people (behavior analysis), and how to learn the difference between the hiccups and real danger (threat identification and threat assessment). 

By taking this course you can begin an educated dialogue with your kids, friends and family about the need to be more aware when in public, at school, the mall, place of worship, everywhere. 

Mission Statement: To teach anyone willing to learn, how to take ownership of their personal safety rather than relying on guns, guards, cameras and fences to keep themselves safe.

Our History:  Since the Parkland School tragedy we have been working diligently to develop a world class personal safety curriculum that is intuitive and civilian friendly. 

Our Team: To tackle these issues we bought together some of the most experienced and committed experts in the field of personal safety. We all believe that everyone needs to be involved in the safety and security process and that no one should sit back and wait for bad things to happen. 

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By buying this course you also help us provide this personal safety training to every public school teacher in the country and to do so  free of charge. Help us, help them, make our schools safer by involving everyone in the safety and security process.

COVID – 19

As we adjust to a Post COVID-19 world we will find ourselves surrounded by all kinds of people wearing masks. This simple fact means that we must learn how to be much more aware of our vulnerabilities and peoples body language.

covid WILL go away
bad people won't.