How We Do This

Easy To Work With

Engage with us to determine how to deliver this education to everyone in your business environment.

Prompt everyone to take the course in some form, as part of their onboarding or employment contract. Ask visitors and volunteers to also take the course. 

There is NO downside to ongoing safety education.

Easy To Implement

Numerous deployment options: 

Full course for self-managed student participation.                  Site license for HR to manage when the employees take the course. Curriculum and teacher’s guide for HR to present the curriculum in a classroom setting.

 Everyone has access for     one full year.

Immediate Results

When everyone has taken the course, and when you implement tests and a confidential reporting structure, you will find that everyone becomes engaged in your company’s SAFETY posture and processes.

 “When everyone is working   off the same SAFETY   workbook EVERYONE is   safer and more secure.”                          Rick Collins – Founder

What Your Team Will Learn

  • Head’s Up – Situational Awareness
  • People Watching – Behavior Analysis
  • Hiccups vs. Danger – Threat Identification
  • Coming Together to Protect One & All
  • Diffusing Incidents with an Employee or Visitor
  • Handling Differences of Opinion at Work
  • Best Practices for Preventing Cybercrime
  • Valuable Skills in Emotional Intelligence
  • The Importance of Corporate Culture