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Invisawear FAQ


All invisaWear charms are sweat and weather resistant, so it should be fine if you get caught in the rain or if you’re sweating from working out, but we don’t recommend wearing it in the shower or submerging it in water

No! We did not want to burden you with yet another accessory you have to remember to charge. Our product is designed to have a long lasting battery life so you never have to worry about charging it. We guarantee one year but it can be up to two years depending on usage. The app will notify you once your battery is running low, if you enabled notifications. Replacement charms are discounted to $99 (less than $10 per month).

Yes. The invisaWear component uses a Bluetooth connection with a paired smartphone that can be up-to 30 feet away.



There are 3 different modes you can choose from when setting up your device:

1. If you choose to only notify your emergency contacts (not 9-1-1) then your emergency contacts will receive a text message with your up-to-date location letting them know that you are requesting help.

2. If you choose the free and optional “Send a Silent SOS to 911” feature, ADT agents will notify 911 that you need help. An ADT agent will text you to gather additional information about your emergency. Even if you’re unable to respond, an ADT agent will still notify emergency services unless you confirm you’re safe and provide your PIN. If emergency services are notified, ADT will text you with status updates. In addition, ADT will text your emergency contacts with a link with your up-to-date location.

3. If you choose the premium feature (subscription required), an ADT agent will call you to get additional information about your emergency. Even if you’re unable to speak, an ADT agent will still notify emergency services unless you confirm that you are safe and provide your PIN. With this premium feature, you also have access to a safety network of ADT security agents via phone call or chat (if you need to be discreet) – your own ‘virtual companion.’ If you’re ever feeling unsafe, they will stay connected with you until you feel safe. The premium feature also allows you to set activity timers for any activity like a date or a run. If you don’t check in when your activity ends, ADT will check on you and notify 911 and your emergency contacts if you don’t respond.

To remove an emergency contact, please go to the App Menu -> Settings -> Emergency Contacts, and then swipe left on the contact you wish to remove. Next, press the red button that says “Delete”.



Send your location to your loved ones and 9-1-1 even if you don’t know where you are or can’t speak.



A text message notifies up to 5 pre-selected emergency contacts that you’re requesting help.



Enable the free and optional contact 911 feature to connect your emergency contacts with police close to your location.


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