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Predators and Their Motives

Predators are very methodical in their actions.  Predators are very situationally aware, and they count on you to not be.  Predators scope out the scene and plan, making rational decisions based on what they think will be doable.  

Like most things in life, there is a direct cause-and-effect. Predators like to make excuses and blame their actions on everyone else, but the truth is, they find some kind of warped psychological satisfaction in being predators.  

A predator will say they did it because something upset them, or just because they are having a bad day.  Boulder dash!  

Once a predator decides to pounce, the process rapidly moves into the effect stage, and someone becomes a victim. 

Predators manage a simple process; they consider their options, they select a target, they plan the event, and then act. This can be an immediate process, or can be planned over time. Either way, the die has been cast and there is no turning back.  Predators are opportunists.  

The steps in thinking and behavior during this process are often very obvious, but all too often we don’t recognize them, making it difficult to say something if you see something. 

Ironically, it is when we become a victim ourselves that we begin to take personal safety seriously, and finally realize that guns, guards, cameras, and fences, are not enough to keep ourselves, and those we love, SAFE.