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Ever think "it won't happen to my kid?"

Teach them how to identify & avoid dangerous situations.

As a family, learn how to avoid predators, online & in public.

Teach them all about bullying so they know how to avoid it & report it.

Your Kid's - Predators & Danger

Would they know what to do when danger threatens?

Are they aware of the different types of danger?

Do they know what an online predator looks like?

Do they think that something bad will happen to them?

Most Adults & Kids Answer “NO” To these Questions!


Most people have a false sense of security.

They simply don’t think that they’ll ever become a victim, yet they worry that their kids might. The reality is that you cannot be by their side 24/7 and in this age of skyrocketing crime levels you must consider the dangers they face!

“My son came home crying one day and finally told me that some kids were being mean to him. I saw your course on FB and we sat down and took it together. Now we talk about safety a lot more than we ever had. Thank you.”

Susan B Denver CO.


  • Recognize danger & threats before they become a reality
  • Rely on your instincts without being paranoid or fearful
  • Kids will be a lot safer online, at school, or out in public
  • Help protect your kids from social media bullying
  • Ability to recognize predators long before they can act
  • Everyone participates in your family’s safety posture
  • You share what you learn with others – safer communities
  • You will feel confident with a 30-day money-back guarantee

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The Ultimate Family-Safety Package

With Access For One Full Year
$ 37
List Price $49.95
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  • Five Short Courses - Take Them When You Want

    Heads Up - Situational Awareness

    People Watching - Behavior Analysis

    Hiccups vs, Danger - Threat Prevention & Identification

    Tweens & Teens - Their Unique Challenges

    Online Safety - Predator Detection & Prevention
  • An Aware Family Is A Safer Family

The Ultimate Family Safety Package is a must-have for those of you with a young family.  Our family-centric personal safety package includes the SAFE suite of  individual safety courses. These online and self-managed courses are designed so that you can take them in the comfort of your home. They are intuitive, easy to follow, and family-friendly.   SAFETY must be a family affair.

Family Personal Safety Courses

EVERY parent should make the time to watch this video. Without watching this video you will only know a fraction of the dangers that our children face in today’s increasingly dangerous world.

Predators are getting more creative and aggressive; parents need to get more educated!

If you know of an under privileged school or community who might benefit from the gift of our courses please let us know. Also if you would like to present one of our courses to your PTA group we will be glad to help. Send an e-Mail to

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