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Prevent a Tragedy

S.A.F.E. Saves Lives – Personal Safety Training Course

What do tragedies like Columbine, Mandalay Bay, Parkland, Walmart, Fort Hood, Sandy Hook, Virginia Tech, all have in common?

They could have been prevented!

AND every victim thought…

“it won’t happen to me!”

From bullying, to mass murders, personal safety skills can make all the difference in how you identify and react to a threatening situation. By taking our family-friendly course, both you and your loved ones can receive the skills you need to be safer and more secure. 

Guns, guards, cameras, and fences will make us feel SAFE, BUT it is your instincts and heightened situational awareness skills that will likely save your life or that of a loved one.

When you add behavior analysis and threat identification to your situational awareness  skills you will be shocked at what you notice.

Don’t be a victim or lose a loved one because you did not sign up for this life-saving course.

For the cost of a weeks-worth of lattes, you and three family members can take our family-friendly, personal safety training in the comfort of your own home. A few lattes or a lifetime of safety – you decide?

Our lessons include Heads Up – Situational Awareness, People Watching – Behavior Analysis, Hiccups vs. Danger – Threat Identification, Online Safety that addresses cyber-bullying and sexual predators, and finally On-Line Dating Safety to help you avoid the Dirty John’s of this world, from the Bravo TV Series depicting the dangers of Online Dating.

Our world is a dangerous place, and it is getting more dangerous every day. If you don’t see what’s going on around you, how can you hope to avoid threats or prevent tragedy?

Don’t be a victim, be aware. 

Don’t lose a loved one, teach them. 

Don’t stand idly by, act decisively.

Visit us at and enroll today. 

Also, consider giving a Lifetime of Safety to a friend or family member.   

Situational Awareness Saves Lives and one day it might just save yours, or the lives of others!

SAFE – Situational Awareness For Everyone.


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