Situational Awareness Saves Lives®

To be truly SAFE you must take ownership of your own personal safety and not rely on guards, guns, cameras and fences. 

When you become more aware you will be able to identify, assess, report and if need be avoid, threats to you, your loved ones and people around you.


How We Plan To Do It


National Campaign

Like CPR training everyone should learn situational awareness. Unlike CPR, the life saved might very well be your own.


Engage The Masses

Social media, businesses, schools, public events, places of worship, TV, Radio, Press, everyone can help.


Ease Of Use & Access

Learning Management System curriculum delivery, gamification, social media story share, tests, suggestions.


Corporate Implementation

Provide employees, management teams, safety and security teams, advanced SA training.


K thru 70

Teach kids and it will stay with them for life. In 10 years we will have a much more aware society without knowing it.



When you are aware, you see things that you never did before, giving you a chance to avoid and report them.

A Fighter Pilot & Mother Talks About SAFE

Hear what Tammy Barlette, Mother, Wife, Fighter Pilot and Co-Founder of Athena's Voice,
has to say about SAFE and situational awareness.

Our Programs

Level 1
S.A.F.E. Training

Base SA training for the general population with advanced training for those ready and willing to learn more.

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Level 2
S.A.F.E. Training

Advanced SA, the science behind it, practical applications, testing.


Level 3
Behavior Analysis

The use of behavior analysis as a threat prevention tool

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Level 4
Mental Health

Cutting edge mental health assessment best practices and practical application.

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  • An UBER driver took a young man to a high school carrying a rifle bag - preventable?
  • Killers can hide in plain sight - Owl to Mouse - we all need to look harder.
  • Life is one big dark alley - you need to be aware at all times.
  • 22 heavy bags carried to a room and no one said anything - preventable?
  • Anytime, anywhere, can you see them coming.
  • She wasn't aware that the car had no UBER signs or that he knew her name - Preventable?
  • Raised eyes save lives - occasionally get your head up and take the time to look around.
  • He might have followed them for over a mile yet they didn't notice - Preventable?
  • CPR save millions of lives - SAFE can do the same.
  • STOP relying on others to keep you safe.