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Heads Up – Situational Awareness

Certified Personal Safety Training

Heads Up – Situational Awareness

      • What is situational awareness?

    • Why Situational Awareness matters.

    • Filled with examples and exercises.

    • Building situational awareness.

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In America, a violent crime occurs every 24.6_seconds while crimes against property occur every 4.1_seconds. With all of this uncertainty around us every day, how do regular, law-abiding citizens like you and me protect ourselves?


The key to personal safety is to be vigilant and have Situational Awareness.

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What is Situational Awareness?


In layman’s terms, situational awareness is the constant awareness of the area around you. Whether you are walking through your local mall, playing with your children in the park, or driving to work in the morning, knowing what’s going on around you will help keep you safe.


In our course Heads Up – Situational Awareness, we will teach you the best ways to maintain your Situational Awareness to protect yourself and your loved ones.


S.A.F.E. – Situational Awareness For Everyone will introduce you to situational awareness by: 


  • Explaining What Situational Awareness Is and Why It Matters

  • Providing Detailed Examples and Exercises

  • Helping You Build Your Own Situational Awareness


Situational Awareness in any environment can mean the difference between life and death. If your personal safety and the safety of your family is your number one priority, then our S.A.F.E. course is the best investment you can make!


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