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Something Shifty

A Dramatized Scenario for Behavior Analysis.


A free market offers the consumer a variety of purchases, but with every legal transaction there are criminal minds seeking to take advantage of money changing hands. 


Julia Becker was popular ever since she could remember, being an active student in high school and college, as well as a key member of her real estate team where she made a good commission. After a hard week’s work, she loved to get together with her besties, normally going bowling, clubbing, or out to an EDM show when someone ill was spinning. DJ Cashola cut some awesome tracks, and they had no cover for ladies at the spot she frequented. Sometimes Julia just wanted to chill at home and relax, but that didn’t mean that she couldn’t hang with the gang anyway. They often had a movie night, game night, or a house party if the occasion called for it. 


Julia changed and headed out on a Friday night to go get snacks for her movie night with friends. Tammy, Becky, and Courtney were meeting up at Julia’s place around nine pm, so she had to hustle down to the local bodega to score some sweet and salty treats. She knew what they liked, and tended to buy double the amount just to have leftovers after. Halfway down the chip aisle, Julia saw a new flavor of kettle cooked chips that Becky had been asking for. As she grabbed some mixed candy to seal the deal, her phone started binging and ringing, its digital prompts cutting into the best part of her favorite song.


People Watching Can Help With Early Threat Identification.


On her way to the register, Julia noticed a shaky looking person in a drawn hood. He seemed to be intently mouthing something to himself in a whisper, keeping one hand in his pocket as other customers came and went to the counter. Although she spied him, Julia had her arms full of snacks and could barely take a step without dropping a bag. It became difficult for her to keep scooping up the fallen cupcakes or chips, so she began to make a pile on one shelf and shuttle half of the order up to the sliding freezer case in front of the counter. Spontaneous ice cream was the best kind of ice cream, so she lingered in front of the single pints looking for something chocolate. 

After putting three pints of Jen and Berry’s ice cream up with the first wave of snacks, Julia went back to retrieve the rest she stowed on a canned foods shelf. As she did so, she noticed that same shaky guy, his face looking mean, his eyes glancing up to the ceiling between being focused on the busy register. 


As Julia retrieved the second wave of her movie night purchases, texts kept coming through, forcing her to juggle the lumpy bags into a stack to answer them. This distraction took her mind off of the situation, enough where when she refocused on the line there was only one person in front of her. Apparently the shaky fellow from before had cut in front of her and was about to step up to the checkout counter. One hand was still in his pocket, but not for long. In a swift, fluid motion the hooded guy produced a handgun from his pocket, pointing it at the frenzied clerk and yelling, “Put everything you got in a paper bag! No funny stuff, or I’ll light you up like a Christmas tree!” 


A little situational awareness can make all the difference. Being distracted in public leads to danger, so be sure to stay focused, pay attention to details and the people around you. Studying the program’s valuable lessons will help keep you safe from criminal intent. 


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