Situational Awareness For Everyone & Personal Safety Education - SAFESavesLives


I was out with some girlfriends and this man was staring at me, which made me feel very uncomfortable. I told the bartender who told the man to knock it off! Without your course, I might not have noticed.
Gina R.
My son came home crying saying some kids were bullying him. That very day I saw your course on FB and we took the course together. He now feels safer and more in control.
Thank You.
Susan B.
It wasn't that I didn't know about situational awareness, it was more about that I didn't know how to put it into practice. It is amazing how simple tips and tricks can help.
Thank You SAFE.
Geneva S.
Everyday there is something on TV about a shooting. I will not carry a gun so I am very worried. The course taught me how to look out for warning signs that something might happen. I'm still nervous, but a lot more aware. Thanks.
Jade T.
A co-worker was making me feel a little uneasy and in the past, I did not have the confidence to say anything. As you mentioned in the course, don’t apologize for being uncomfortable, so I reported him. Thank you for empowering me to act!
Marisa G.
I am a proud gay man, and until I took your course I was really unaware as to how people might be looking at me. Now I can sense people around me without being paranoid or worried every second. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.
Leo T.
I knew NOTHING about how people could make my sons life a living hell! Now we work together to make sure he is not bullied on his phone by nameless kids. Because he took the course with me, he feels we are in this together.
Jessica W.
I was so fed up at feeling powerless when it came to my kids. Taking your course empowered me to be a lot more active in the process of protecting my kids. Can't wait for the animated version. Bless you for developing these courses.
Claire W.