I was out with some girlfriends and this man was staring at me, which made me feel very uncomfortable. I told the bartender who told the man to knock it off! Without your course, I might not have noticed. Thx.
Gina R.
My son came home crying saying some kids were bullying him. That very day I saw your course on FB and we took the course together. He now feels safer, and he loves his safety siren. Thank You.
Susan B.
A co-worker was making me feel a little uneasy and in the past, I did not have the confidence to say anything. As you mentioned in the course, don’t apologize for being uncomfortable, so I reported him. Thank you for empowering me to act!
Marisa G.
I am a proud gay man, and until I took your course I was really unaware as to how people might be looking at me. Now I can sense people around me without being paranoid or worried every second. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.
Leo T.