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The SAFE Team

That keeps us focused on the task at hand, and that is to save lives...

Rick J. Collins
Debbie Burwell
John Hauser

Founder & CEO.                                              Rick J. Collins is the driving force behind SAFE’s mission to save lives by teaching EVERYONE personal safety best practices. After the events in Parkland FL in 2018 Rick felt a calling that school safety needed to be strengthened.  COVID forced Rick to expand his calling to everyone and in three short years Rick has turned SAFE Inc. into a world leader in Personal Safety education. “Everyone needs to own their personal safety in what is becoming an increasingly dangerous world.”  

Partner & Head of Marketing.               Debbie Burwell is a semi-retired Executive from the Furniture business. Deb brings a passion to the safety arena as a mother who is also distressed at the regularity of mass shootings in this country. “Every time I hear about another senseless mass shooting it further inflames my passion to do all I can to prevent the next one.” Deb knows how to speak to people about our mission in person and the written word, making her an invaluable team member and leader. 

Board Member & Business Advisor.         John Hauser is a semi-retired business leader who spent the last 30-plus years of his career in senior executive positions within the healthcare industry for organizations ranging from startups to venture-backed and Fortune 500. Prior to his executive career, he was an award-winning journalist and newspaper editor. He attended Pepperdine University on a full academic scholarship and completed additional graduate work at Cal State Long Beach and UCLA.

Gary Quesenberry
Board Member & Subject Matter Expert. Gary Quesenberry was born in the Blue Ridge Mountains of Virginia, where his parents taught him the value of hard work, patriotism, and service to others. Gary is a United States Army veteran who became a Federal Air Marshal after 9/11. Gary has an extensive background in domestic and foreign counter-terror training and has worked in both the private and corporate sectors to educate others on the importance of situational awareness and personal safety.