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Capability Targets:  Continuing the THIRA Process

The third step in the THIRA process is establishing “capability targets”. In a community setting, this is nothing more than creating a strategy to deal with the most likely threats and the most dangerous hazards. You can create your own capability targets in your mind based on the situations in which you find yourself.

Note that your targets/actions will change based on the specific situation and the threat that you face. For instance, in the example of the young man in the hoodie, you could create a capability target similar to:

If I see the young man do X, I will do X. If the young man does not do X, I will not do X.

In the statement above, each X stands for a specific action. For instance, one X might stand for the young man attempting to grab the woman’s purse. In that case, you might decide to take action, such as calling the police with your cell phone.

The same thing applies to the swerving car and the barking dog. Make quick, decisive mental plans to deal with the most likely outcomes and impacts of these situations. Then, be prepared to put them into action.